Saturday, December 8, 2012

On the Hunt

This evening, Peeper declared that, "I've been travelling for three days, looking for Baby PerfectPup, but I haven't found her!" When I asked where she was traveling, she told me "Europe."

Then she said that she'd still not found Baby PerfectPup, but "I found these rocks. I found them under the bushes, and I moved them, so I wouldn't step on them."

I offered to help her find her, and as we walked out of the office, she ran into the door face. Without skipping a beat, she said, "Oh! Bonked into a tree!" Then she threw herself to the floor and said, "I fell in the grass!"

She told me that she was wearing her "hunting boots" and her "hunting hat." Well, of course.

When we went into the living room, she picked up a glove and said, "Oh, here's a clue. This is one of her fur paws."

After she gave me a description of the missing pup, I helped her dig through the shelf full of stuffed animals and we finally found her, and she took her for a walk.

She wasn't wearing much else with her hunting boots and hunting hat, so I won't be posting all the photos I took, but here are a couple of the more modest ones.

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