Friday, December 14, 2012

Candle Night

The local Candle Night celebration downtown was supposed to be last Friday evening, but the weather was rainy and nasty, so they did a few things that evening, but postponed the actual candles to this week.

Up until yesterday, I didn't think we'd make it, because I was planning to go to MOMS Night Out, but that was cancelled. Our friend A and little J were going to come over and "hang out" with Peeper while I was gone, and I knew the girls were really looking forward to seeing each other, so I invited them to join us for dinner and wandering around downtown instead.

Peeper and I got there early and did our thing for a while.

When I got her coat on, I asked if she wanted it zipped up. She said, "Whatever's good for you." (It might have been "Whatever works for you." Either way, what is she thirty?)

Then she asked, "Are you sure you'll be okay without your gloves?" I assured her that I had them in my pocket, and would put them on if I needed them.

"Hey, will you go stand by the big tree for a picture?"

Of course, "our thing" included coffee. This is "Christmas in a Cup" - Eggnog latte with butterscotch. Decaf, 110 degrees, since I was sharing it with a four year old. (And because I'm a wimp.)

While we were at the coffee shop, Santa passed by outside. Of course, we ran out to see him.

Then we met up with A and J for dinner, and a walk. And some hugging.

Then, back to the coffee shop, for another Christmas in a cup and some live 80s music. Notice Peeper all lounged out there, listening to the music. Both of our girls were much more respectful and better behaved than the middle schoolers (I assume) who were playing board games, talking, laughing, and pushing each other around while this guy was trying to sing.

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