Saturday, December 15, 2012

Breakfast with Santa

A week or so ago, we happened to be driving past our "neighborhood" elementary school, and saw a yard sign posted there, advertising a breakfast with Santa for this morning, at a local community center.

It turns out that it was a fundraiser for the school (PTO?), which was kind of cool, since odds are that Peeper will be going there in a couple of years. (Unless we can get a ton of financial aid for the Montessori Academy. But I digress.) So, we figure that any money we gave them today will benefit her down the road.

I also figure that if that's the way things pan out, knowing me, I'll probably be in charge of this event in four or five years, so I was trying to pay attention and take notes. 

In addition to breakfast - eggs, ham, pancakes and more "fixins" that I could have imagined - they had a little craft and coloring area, and face painting. This is the first time that Peeper has actually wanted to have her face painted. Of course, she'd choose the event where it's middle school kids doing the painting, and not a professional. 

I thought they did a pretty good job of turning her into Rudolph, though. 

Oh, and of course, Santa was there, too. I think Peeper was a bit disappointed that he wasn't literally sitting at the table with us - "But I thought we were going to have breakfast with Santa" - but I think she got over it.

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