Sunday, November 11, 2012


While I had Peeper on the spot with the thankful stuff last week, I thought I'd interview her about some of her favorite things. I love the idea of doing this each year on or around her birthday. I figure this is close enough, right?

Peeper's Favorites - Age 4

Food - Candy
Toy - Money
Color  - Pink (#2 Orange. And yellow. And green.)
Veggie - Carrot
Fruit - Grape (She hates grapes. Then she said apple.)
Drink - Water
Video - Sesame Street
Place to go - "Llama Drama" then "Shop-o-rama" then finally clarified that she meant Target
Best Friend - "You, Mama." (Awwww!)
Restaurant - Pizza Hut
Ice Cream - Mint chocolate chip
Cookie - Sugar cookie
Coffee - Caramel mocha
Anytime Food - Cheese stick
Game - Checkers (No, she does not know how to play checkers.)
Favorite thing to do at school - "I don't wanna go to school."
Song - Da-da (That's her silly, nonsense, I'm not going to answer you answer.)
Movie - "Mumble" (Happy Feet)
iPad Game - Beau the Giraffe
Thing that Mama Cooks - Scrambled eggs
Thing that Mommy Cooks - Scrambled eggs
Book - (No answer)
President - Obama

And that's about all I got out of her.

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