Sunday, September 2, 2012

Staycation Redux?

Shrike's parents had an almost-Labor Day picnic scheduled for this afternoon, so Peeper and I finally got around to making a pie from some of those apples that we picked a couple of weeks ago.

We used this recipe, and a frozen crust, and I was pretty damn pleased with how it came out.

As we were getting in the car to go, though, Shrike checked her voicemail and heard a message from her parents that, oh, pretty much everyone was feeling unwell, so we were the only ones still scheduled to go, but we were welcome to "attend at our own risk."

We opted out.

Peeper was understandably upset, so we told her that we'd take her to do something else fun.

Guess what she suggested.

This guy is obviously (to us) a Knight in Shining Armor, but Peeper calls him "The Tin Man." Here, she is seen knocking on him, like Dorothy does when she first discovers him.

We also found out that, until this afternoon, she thought this was a giraffe. Okay, I can see it.

When we got there, we discovered that for this weekend only, all their Melissa and Doug items were buy 2, get one free, and some were on clearance for 25% off.


We managed to sneakily purchase three birthday / Christmas (haven't decided which, probably some of each) gifts for Peeper, and a birthday gift for a friend who will be turning five next weekend!

(Her party will be at the art studio on Saturday. Peeper's going to love that!)

Then we had some dinner at an Italian restaurant that we've visited with our MOMS Club friends a couple of times, and Peeper did some dancing on the way out.

About then, she started talking about going to the playground, so we thought "Eh, what the hell!" and stopped at the state park for a while.

This time, though, I stayed in the car while Shrike and Peeper played, so they could actually have fun, and I wouldn't be all stressed out. I had planned to do some Facebooking or Pinteresting (this was not a screen-free day), but I wasn't getting much reception, so I mostly people-watched.

First there was the asshole yelling at, threatening and hitting his dog (I may have yelled out the open car window, "He ought to fucking bite you!" He also may have been out of earshot before I did that.), but then I got kind of obsessed with the Orthodox (Hassidic?) Jewish extended family that pulled in beside me and started setting up a cookout.

And then I took a little nap.

On the way into the park, we'd seen a sign announcing "Program Tonight!" and listing this evening's event as "Abraham Lincoln."

Peeper is very interested in presidents, and she knows about Lincoln from the penny, so we thought she'd get a real kick out of seeing "him" in "person." Okay, we did tell her that it would just be a guy pretending to be him, not the real Honest Abe.

But then we got there, and it was neither. It was a History Channel biography of Lincoln, projected on a big screen in the woods. Doh!

It was quite interesting, and I'd like to watch the whole thing sometime, and Peeper was even kind of riveted by it, but it was totally not Peeper-appropriate. It opened with pictures of dead Civil War soldiers, and talk of Lincoln's assassination, then talked about how his father beat him when he was a boy, and later of course, talked about his opposition to slavery, and the reasons, and so on.

Yeah, not issues that we really want to explore with her just yet, so we left.

She was bummed about leaving, I don't know if it was because of the movie, or because she liked being in "a dark woods," but we consoled her with a little hike from the car to the bathhouse to go potty, and then back to the car, where we loaded up to head home.

In the process of pulling out, I somehow managed to drive one front wheel off of an invisible (to me) culvert, knock something fender-ish off of the car, and require a push from Shrike to get us out and moving again.

I declared that bone-headed move number three, so hopefully that shit can stop.

When we got home, we got Peeper a bath and into bed, but not before we sampled that pie.

Oh. Yeah.

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