Thursday, September 6, 2012

She's Got His Back

Peeper's been interested in the US Presidents ever since we started letting her play with coins, and she's really gotten interested in them in general, and particularly interested in President Obama, now that there's an election going on.

I've explained that there are some people that think another guy named Mitt Romney should "get a turn to be president," but we want President Obama to "get another turn" because "we think that the things he's doing are better for our family, and families like ours, (like in many ways) than the things Mitt Romney wants to do."

I've told her that most of those things are complicated grown-up things, but I did tell her that President Obama has made it easier for people to pay their doctors, and we really like that.

A few days ago, we decided that we'd look for some library books about presidents, and she told me that she wanted to read about "Washington, and Abraham Lincoln and President Obama."

Then I remembered that, when she was a tiny baby, I'd bought Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope [Hardcover] (Affiliate link, if you buy it, I'll get a cut.) and put it away for when she was older. Now she's older, I suppose.

When I pulled it out, she was so excited and I actually got her back into the bathroom for teeth, hair and potty, by saying "I won't have time to read about President Obama, if you don't get ready right now!"

I've now read it to her three nights in a row, but I'm not sure she's made it past his law school days before she's fallen asleep. It's not that the book isn't interesting, I've just been keeping her out way too late at night!

This evening, we went to story time at the library and found a couple of books, but I'm not thrilled with one. The Michelle Obama biography looks good (I played some of her speech for Peeper this evening), but the other one, about all the presidents, turns out to be the not-so-good, weird stuff about them. Yeah, not so much.

I didn't get any of the Washington or Lincoln books because most were way above her level, and even the ones that were more age-appropriate in terms of length, pictures and comprehension level, just had so much content that I'm really not ready to introduce her: war, slavery, assassination.

So, I guess we'll stick with the boring dollar-aisle booklet with just the very basic statistics for each of them.

Any-hoo, after the library, we headed over to the Democratic Headquarters, where they were having a party to watch the president's convention speech. We didn't stay late enough to hear him (I watched it online after she went to bed) but we did see a few speeches, and eat some pizza.

Peeper was awesome. She talked to people, and was adorable, and every time a speaker said, "Barack Obama," she said, "They're talking about Barack Obama!"

When we were in the bathroom, she was dancing around singing "Obama, Obama, Oh yeah, Oh yeah!"

I am so proud!

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