Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School Tour

Yesterday, I called Mother's Day Out to make sure that they had Peeper on their list, because I'd not gotten anything in the mail about open house, which is on Friday. (Still haven't gotten anything.) They do have her, and since Shrike will be working Friday evening for open house, and then days next week, and since I wanted Peeper to get as much preparation as possible, and I wanted to take some photos of the classroom for her to look at between now and then, we made arrangements to go for a visit today.

She really enjoyed playing in the room, seemed to like the two (of three) teacher whom we met today, and especially seems to like Mrs. D, the director.

She even got to see her cubby, which already has her name on it and everything!

On Friday evening, we'll get a big packet of information and registration forms, and will get to meet the other teacher and some of her classmates.

So far, she's pretty excited about it, and telling people that, "I'm going to school!"

We checked out several books about preschool from the library, and she's really been into those. I hope it helps, because based on last night's scene at dance class, I'm not expecting the drop-offs to go well for a while.


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