Friday, July 27, 2012


Our "sunflower house" has turned out to be more of a "lean-to" because the bunnies (repeatedly, little bastards) ate the flowers on one side of it, but a couple of the survivors have just bloomed!

These are in the 4 - 5 foot height range. There are a few "mammoths" one of which is way over my head (I'm say it's well over 6 feet) that haven't bloomed yet.


  1. I can'y wait to see a wide shot of the whole "house." :)

  2. I'll try to remember to get a photo of the whole thing when more are blooming. It's nowhere near a "house," though.

    We planted, I'd say, about 330 degrees of the circle (left a "door" open) and maybe 120 degrees grew. The rest has some teeny plants, because the bunnies kept getting them. (We think.) Next year, I want to put the dog play yard / Christmas tree protector around it until they get going.


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