Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little Firecracker

I told Peeper that, for the Fourth of July, I'd make her hair "look like fireworks."

How did I do?

She and I went over to A's house for a July 4th cookout, and I made my "traditional" (I made them last year) cream cheese flag dips. This is the savory one, with black olives, salsa and taco cheese. I forgot to get a photo of the sweet one, with blueberries, cherry pie filling and pecans.

We had a great time, until Peeper bit little H, and then after sitting out of the sprinkler-and-kiddie-pool fun for a while, being told that if she did anything else to hurt anyone, we'd have to leave, she hit C on the head.


So, that little shindig was over for us.

We then went to Lowe's and made a quick stop at Target for an exchange, and then watched the fireworks from the Target parking lot.

With several more "talks about hitting" in between.

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