Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In the Dark

Updated 7/7/12 to add details in photos.

Our power has been out since about 8pm. I have some photos on my camera of Peeper and me "camping out" in the sunroom, but you can't see them until we have power. Oh well.

First we went outside and chased fireflies, to no avail, and then we came in and set up our "camp out."

This photo doesn't look like we're "roughing it" much, but it was actually just about totally dark in the room, and this is all camera flash.

We dragged a bunch of pillows and blankets into the clubhouse, and she found a pail (that was her idea) and filled it with "snacks" (blocks) and we wedge the flashlight in between them to make a little "campfire," and then we snuggled and read book, and I told her about some things that we did when I went to camp. 

I realized pretty quickly that I couldn't actually let her sleep there, for a variety of reasons, but how to get her out?

Finally, I said, "Okay, now our program's over, and it's time to hike back to your cabin." Then I sang our "end of program" songs, and "hiked" her to the "bathhouse" and then her "cabin," where I tucked her in and she went to sleep pretty quickly, with her flashlight / nightlight beside her bed.

The power finally come on just before midnight.


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