Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tupperware Party

I suppose I am officially a housewife now, because I hosted my first Tupperware party today. 

I went to T's party a few weeks ago, saw how much free stuff she was getting, saw some containers that I reeeaaalllly wanted but couldn't afford, and somehow ended up scheduling my own party. 

I was kind of worried, because I didn't have a very big turn out, but four guests plus two online orders (Thank you, Anonymama and LadyKay!) added up to $516 in sales plus two scheduled parties, which got me a total of $185 worth of products, including all these things that I got at the party itself . . . 

. . .  for a few cents under $30.

And if the FridgeSmart containers that I ordered work as well as they claim, it will be no time before I've saved way more than $30 on veggies that don't rot before we can eat them. 

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