Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby's First Movie

Edited 7/7/12 to add details and photos. 

Peeper and I went to lunch with Frappa today,

and then on a whim (after a phone call to Shrike for permission), we all went to see Brave. At the the theater and everything.

At first I was worried about "how she'd do in the theater," and then I remembered that she's quite the little pro at attending ballets and live theater, so yeah, she should be fine.

The movie was, as I'd suspected, a bit "old" for Peeper, with more violence that I like for her to see (much of it played for humor, but certainly not all) and some parts that were definitely but not too much so for her, but she enjoyed it and I really enjoyed it.

(I would have really, really, really enjoyed it if I weren't watching it with her and cringing at the scary and violent parts.)

Mostly, I was thrilled to see a princess who was doing anything other than waiting for her prince to come!

Then we went to Starbucks at the target in the mall with the theater, for buy one - get one frappacinos.

As Peeper was sucking down mine, I asked Frappa, "Did I say 'decaf?'"


"Peeper, that's not decaf."

"Oh well!"

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