Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Smoothie Pops!

I hesitate to say this out loud, because you know what happens when you do that, but after much thought and research and consideration about which blender might be more effective than mine of really smoothifying a smoothie and getting rid of the "crumbles" that Peeper can't handle, it think I might have found the trick!

Yesterday, Peeper and I made a smoothie, but I only filled the blender about half-way, and it seems that with a smaller volume, it does a much better job of it.

I figured I'd be drinking it all by myself, but when I gave Peeper a lick of the spatula (even half-full, my blender still requires a good bit of spatula-action), she said, "Mmmm!" and when I asked if she wanted some in a cup, she said, "Yes! I do!"

She only drank about half of what I gave her, but that's much more than she's been interested in lately, so yay!

There were still a few seeds and bits but it wasn't too bad, and obviously they weren't bothering her.

Now that I think about it, she liked them last summer, and only occassionally had problems with the bits, then when I started making them again a few weeks ago, she wouldn't take more than a sip. She really wanted to like it, I could tell, but just couldn't deal with the texture. I haven't made one in a while, and now she's fine with them. Maybe she was just going through a really texture-sensitive phase there?

At any rate, she said it was "Mmmm!" and so did I.

I gave her all the credit for how yummy it was, because she was the one putting the fruit in, and (sort of) deciding how much of each we needed.

We each drank some, and I saved back a bit to experiment with making popsicles. I only made two, because the ones I made last year weren't so great. I think that's because I made them from a smoothie that had ice in it, rather than frozen fruit, so the flavor wasn't as intense as I'd like.

I think these came out okay, though.

She ate both of them and drank most of her (small) serving of the smoothie that we made today. I made eight popsicles out of that one!.


  1. And the next day, she ate THREE of those eight!

  2. Okay, two-and-a-half, and Galoot got a half.


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