Saturday, May 5, 2012

Remember our friend MommyA and her daughter, BabyJ? Well, she's now two years old, taller than Peeper and talks damn near as well as she does.

(Well, okay, not quite, but full-on fancy sentences. At her age, Peeper was still a couple weeks shy of putting together two words.)

Anyway, we watched her for a while this afternoon and evening, and she and Peeper had a great time.

Well, after J got over falling asleep in her Mommy's car and waking up in a strange bed with fairly strange people. But then she was fine.

While she was napping, I tried to keep Peeper quietly occupied on the other end of the house, so we did a little craft project that you'll see later, and then she wanted to use stickers, so she made a picture for J.

I think what actually settled J down from her "Where the hell is my Mommy?! freak out was when she discovered Peeper's kitchen. They "cooked" in there, while I cooked in mine. Peeper ran back and forth, stealing bits of hotdog and sharing them with J.

Their dinner.

J is much more of an eater than Peeper is. I guess maybe it was peer pressure, because Peeper ate way more than she usually does. She still wasn't interested in the peas and carrots, though. J loved hers. I mixed mine up with my mac and cheese and that was okay.

Little girls, it's kind of like that.

MommyA wasn't due back until about bedtime, so I went ahead and bathed both girls, then let J borrow some jammies. After I had already washed everyone, Peeper asked for a "slippery bar of soap" and proceeded to wash J. Then J washed Peeper's back, too. It was about the cutest thing I've seen, ever.

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