Sunday, May 6, 2012

MOMS Club Luncheon

This afternoon was our MOMS Club's annual Motherhood Luncheon.

It's the big dress-up to-do, at which we raffle off baskets to raise money for MOMS Club International's Mother-to-Mother fund, recognize the outgoing (at the end of June) board members and committee chairs, eat yummy food, drink some wine and get some silly.

This year's theme (which was a secret until today) was "Super Moms." All the decorations and desserts were "Super Hero" themed.

At each place setting was a blank sheet of paper. We were to each write our name at the top of the paper and then during the raffle-bidding time, we all went around at on each woman's paper, we wrote what we think her "superpower" is.

That was really cool, and I learned that I must really have these girls snowed!

As president, I was actually the one doing all the "recognizing." I made a sappy speech in which I went on for way too long about each of my board members and committee chairs, and handed out gifts (wine and chocolate, for the board and the activities director - hardest job in the club!) and thank you cards (everyone else.)

And then I got really sappy and thanked "the woman behind the woman."

And they gave me a gift! I knew that there would be a gift, we always take up a collection to buy something for the outgoing president. I did not know that it would be a Keurig!

I've been coveting my friends Keurigs for a while now, so I couldn't be more excited.

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  1. very. cool! you're gonna love the keurig... and so will peeper ;)


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