Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sloths Sleep Snugly

Peeper calls her toothbrushes "sloths." That makes sense, right?

Okay, there is a bit of backstory to that.

One evening, right before toothbrushing time, Shrike showed her this video of an adorable baby sloth:

So, when it was time to brush, she started talking to the toothbrush, and calling it "Sloth." And it stuck.

Well, actually, that night, and for a while, she called it "Moss" and I had to figure out what she was talking about and correct her. But now, it's "Sloth."

Peeper is Baby Bear, the toothbrush is "Sloth" and it looks around in her mouth, finding leftover things to eat.

Of course.

Well, this morning, I was doing my business and only about half paying attention to her at the sink, when I realized that she was singing some sort of song about the toothpaste being sleepy, and joining the sloths (There are actually two of them, they take turns looking for food in her mouth.) in their bed.

And then she told me to take a picture of them. So, of course, I did.

Don't they look comfy and


  1. Okay, now I feel a little guilty that my toothbrush has to sleep standing up in a cup. ;)

  2. He must be exhausted!

    I wish I'd actually caught the words to her song about them. The little bit that I heard was pretty good.


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