Friday, March 2, 2012


When Peeper and I got home from our first Dr. Seuss party of the day, we discovered that Mommy and the dogs had gone for a walk. I called her and we met up with them, and of course, Peeper wanted to walk over to McDonald's for ice cream.

This time of year, that means Shamrock Shake, so at least we didn't have to deal with the drippy cone mess, but when we got home, she kept trying to "paint" her lunch plate with it, using her straw.

When I asked, she explained that she wanted to "make chocolate, like that girl's Grandpa."

Believe it or not, I actually knew what that meant.

There's a video on the Sesame Street  website, in which a little girl talks about how her Abuelo makes chocolate candies, and he's piping the melted chocolate onto a pan.

She was holding her straw exactly as  you'd hold an icing bag, so I got an idea.

In the fridge was a can of two-week-old icing, leftover from the Valentine's party. It's still safe, but not so yummy, so it really just needs to be thrown out.

I put it in a ziplock and cut a hole in the corner, and let her "pipe" it onto her plate to her little heart's content.

Then I finished off the shake that she'd abandoned.

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