Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feeling Yucky

Oh, I wasn't kidding yesterday. I spent pretty much all night with my belly in knots. The few times that I woke up thinking that the pain had passed, as soon as I moved (as in rolled over), it was back, and I was still hurting pretty bad when Peeper decided that it was time to get up.

On Sunday, when Peeper was so sick, I said something about really hoping that I didn't catch it, too and Anonymama said, "Oh yeah, there's nothing more miserable than a sick Mama with a sick baby."

Yes. Yes, there is. A sick Mama with a healthy three year old, who wants to plaaaay!

So around 10:30, I texted Frappa and pretty much begged her to come pick Peeper up and take her to lunch or anywhere, really, just to get myself some lie-still-and-try-not-to-hurt time without her stomping on my belly, or making me get up and do things.

Peeper liked the idea when I first told her about it, but by the time she was dressed and ready to go, she was telling me, "Noooo! I don' wanna have fuuuun!"

Of course, she was fine within minutes.

They went to Target, where they hit Starbucks and bought Frappa a few shirts, then Peeper played for a while at the Mall play area ("Grandma's Target" is in the mall. How weird is that?)

and went to a deli (also in the mall) for lunch, where Peeper evidently had milk and potato chips.

She brought home most of a roast beef and cheese sub with au jus, which I'm eating right now, so I'm just as glad that I didn't think to suggest that Frappa get her something like grilled cheese.

They were gone almost three hours, and when they got home, Peeper was glad to see me, but also seemed very excited about her little outing. While I had the break, I mostly just sat still, and also talked to the airline, and changed our return flight from tomorrow to Tuesday, because even if we both have full control over our bodily functions, I just couldn't imagine dealing with the whole flying thing and being one-on-one with Peeper for so long, feeling like that.

Of course, within a couple hours of making the change, my belly pain when away, and I'm feeling fine now.

Of course.

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  1. I'm glad you are feeling better.

    Target's aren't supposed to be in malls?


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