Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yes, Again. What?

Yesterday afternoon, Peeper and I were doing some shopping, and then stopped by PetsMart to visit the animals (her request). When we walked in, I saw a sign saying that Santa had been there taking photos with pets, but had left about twenty minutes earlier. Ack!

On the way out, though, I read it more closely, and saw that he'd be back today. Score!

I told her ahead of time that "Today it's the doggies' turn, so I don't know if little girls will be allowed to sit in his lap today," but he did invited her to sit in his lap (there were no dogs there at the moment) and let us take a couple of photos with my camera.

I thought the ladies who were taking the $9.95 (for the animal shelter) photos kind of gave me the stink-eye about it, but if Santa says it's okay, it must be okay.

Looks okay to me.


  1. And she doesn't notice that Train Santa and Dog Santa are fake Santas, huh? Unlike your Mall Santa.

  2. Heritage Christmas Santa and Candle Night Santa were pretty crappy, too.

    Mall Santa = REAL Santa.

  3. My bigger concern is that she'll notice that Santa can't remember from one day to the next that she wants TRUCKS.

    TRUCKS, dammit. Not a fucking doll-baby.

    Has a thousand doll-babies. Loves them. Nothing against the doll-babies. Wants TRUCKS for Christmas.

    And candy.

    And candy canes.


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