Monday, December 19, 2011

Tiny World

Shrike's off work today, so we planned a nice evening for the three of us, visiting Tiny World (you'll see) and then dinner.

After a morning with me in the kitchen and Peeper and Shrike anywhere-but-the-kitchen-please, and then a visit with our friend T and her girls for Peeper (and a visit with Dr T for us), that didn't quite pan out as planned.

Peeper fell asleep on the way to Tiny World, and when we got there, she was pretty discombobulated. She wanted goody "At Tiny World!" or "In da cah!" or "Not in da cah! At Tiny World!" and "Wanna go to Tiny World!" ("We are at Tiny World, honey. This is Tiny World.") and "Wanna go home!" but then she eventually realized that Tiny World is totally cool, and (more or less) enjoyed herself.

By the time we left, she was down with the idea of going out to eat, but just as we were about to pass the turn-off to our house, she said "I can pee-pee at Red Robin. I have the feeling that I need to pee-pee. I pee-peed!"

Which was totally our fault, because we'd not given her a chance to go since we'd picked her up, despite the fact that T had told us she hadn't peed in about forty-five minutes, and had drunk two cups of milk.

I headed home to change her clothes, and as we got out of the car, she was saying "Oooh, oooh, dis is a pwobwem!"

Needless to say, we blew off going out to eat and just had some leftovers for dinner. 

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