Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

As you saw, Santa did his thing last night, and Peeper was a very happy girl this morning - once we reminded her about it.

She went through her presents a lot faster than last year, without too much stopping to play in between, and she handled it pretty well when we got to the end of them.

Christmas Goldfish!

Should we be concerned by the fact that this  little guy and his ladybug friend are still oozing enough petroleum product that they left a grease stain on the wrapping paper.

"Oh! Santa brought me a panda! It's a panda piwwow!"

Opening her stocking.

Her stocking haul. There was also a little M&M guy and the big M&M Nutcracker.

Chocolate Santas, all in a row. 

The Big Truck! It came with three guys, their tools, and a steam roller. 

The guys and their tools. 

I think Santa should have sprung for the washable, non-toxic Do-A-Dot markers, instead of going with the Dollar Tree bingo daubers.

She even enjoyed watching me and Shrike open our gifts to each other, after she was all done with Santa, although they weren't anywhere near as exciting.

Once everything was opened, we just hung out and played, had some brunch, and hung out some more.

Around midafternoon, about the time we started trying to get Peeper cleaned up and dressed to go over to Shrike's grandparents house (it was a drop-by affair, since Grandma's not up to a big thing), she was kind of starting to lose it. Nothing overly dramatic, but pretty out of control, compared to her usual easy-going ways.

She was throwing toys around, coloring on the (sunroom) carpet with a (washable) marker, and being quite uncooperative about washing up and putting on clothes.

"No! I just want to stay here nakey!"

So, I picked her up and said, "Christmas is pretty exciting isn't it? There's just too much excitement isn't there? You don't really know what to do with it all, do you? How about if you go out in the back yard and run around and yell 'Yay! It's Christmas!' Do you think that would help? Do you need to put clothes on first?"

She decided that she could do it in her panties, if I carried her. (It was in, oh, the upper 40s at the time?)

So, I carried her out the door, and she jumped down and ran around, as prescribed, yelling "Yay! It's Chwismas!" over and over, until she came running back to me and said, "Can I put some clothes on? It's kind of cold out here."


Energy diffused - Check
Clothes on - Check
Mother-of-the-Year highlight reel complete - Check

All dressed up (finally) at Grandma and Pappy's house. 

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  1. I believe I got a train the Christmas I was 3 too. Mine didn't come with a cool table though; I remember it being set up on Christmas morning on the cardboard brick blocks. :)

    I also had a train birthday cake for either my 3rd or 4th birthday; I'm not sure which one it was. Each car was made out of a separate pound cake. It was so cool!


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