Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

As is traditional, Shrike, Peeper and I headed out to Target this evening, to make some returns and check out the after-Christmas clearance sales. Toilet paper and paper towels were also on sale, so we spent what seems like a ridiculous amount on them, but was a lot less than we could have (and we got two $5 gift cards out of the deal!) and picked up a nutcracker that Peeper's been eyeing - 50% off`! Plus some groceries, because the cupboards, they are beyond bare.

Then we made a stop at Staples, because they were having a 15% off anything-you-can-stuff-in-this-bag sale, and I need toner for one printer and ink for another. We also picked up some washable do-a-dot markers to replace the permanently-skin-staining bingo daubers that cheap-ass Santa thought he could get away with.

Then we popped over to PetsMart to visit the animals, and then to Michael's (Or "Mike's" as Shrike called it. Evidently they are big buddies.) to take a look at their clearance stuff. Of course, Peeper found a ballerina ornament that we had to have (at 60% off). For something like $2.50, we told her that it could be a toy if she wanted.

Now we just need Clara. Of course, her monkey does an excellent job with that role.

By then, of course, we were famished, so we got some dinner. (I should probably photoshop these two pictures together, huh?)

When we got home, she stripped down and dressed up, then climbed in my lap and said "You gonna take a picture with the Sugar Plum Fairy."

So I did.

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