Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby Jesus

Peeper has become quite the fan of Baby Jesus, so I've had my eye out for a book about him.  I found one that I liked at Michael's, and when I got at 25% everything coupon, I bought it.

I like it because it tells the story, but isn't too heavy-handed with the God stuff. I mean, there are angelic messengers and all, but it's leaves alone a lot of the other stuff, which is just fine by us.

She was very excited to get the book, and of course, Shrike had to read it to her right away.

Later, she recruited one of her dolls to play Baby Jesus, and me and Shrike to costar as Mary and Joseph, respectively, and she was a Wise Man, and we reenacted the story. Here she is bringing her gifts for Baby Jesus. I think a radio and a lunch box are much more practical than gold, frankencense and myrrh, don't you? (Well, maybe not gold.)

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  1. (Anonymama) I heard that if it had been three wise WOMEN they would have arrived on time, brought more practical gifts, made a casserole, and cleaned up the stable.
    In real Bible studies they teach that the valuables were what they lived on when they fled dto Egypt.


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