Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taco Cupcakes

My latest interweb obsession is Pinterest, and I'm determined to make my time on there at least somewhat worthwhile, by actually making or doing some of the things that I find.

You saw my veggie trays on Friday, and Sunday evening I cooked a real recipe that I had pinned.

The original recipe came from a blog called Plain Chicken, but of course, I modified it a bit. 

Basically, the idea is to mix together taco meat and black beans, then put wonton wrappers in a  muffin tin and fill them with the meat/bean mixture and cheese.

Well, Shrike doesn't like black beans, so I used refried instead. It tasted just fine, but didn't look very pretty.

I couldn't find wonton wrappers (I'm sure that was my fault, not the grocery store's) so I used phyllo dough. That made them very flaky and yummy, but I think next time, I'll ask someone where the wontons are, because that stuff is a bitch to work with. It didn't help that it already looked pretty much like this when I opened the package and unrolled it. Notice how the left edge is shredded.

So, I basically just stuffed it in the muffin tin, and put in a bunch of butter.

Amazingly, they came out looking pretty good in the end, and even popped right out of the tin, all in once piece.

Shrike had hers with chips.

I had mine with chips and con queso dip.

Peeper just ate the chips and con queso. Oh well, more for us!


  1. Won ton wrappers are usually in the produce department.

  2. Yes, there's lots of butter in phyllo dough, between the layers. That's what makes it so crispy and yummy. I'm thinking that maybe it wouldn't have been as good with the wonton wrappers. Wouldn't they be a bit doughy?

  3. Yep, the instructions said to put butter between each layer, although I gave up on separating each and every layer, and just put a few, then butter, then a few more.

    The recipe calls for one wonton, meat, cheese, wonton, meat, cheese. I think I'll try it that way next time, and see which we like better.

    The phyllo will have to be LOTS better to make it worth working with, though!

    (And thanks for the tip on finding the wontons!)


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