Friday, November 18, 2011


This whole Big Girl Bed thing is all well and good in theory, but in reality, Peeper and I have moved out of the family bed into, essentially, a crib-without-walls.

Which is not so good for this particular Big Girl, and her forty-plus-year-old body parts.

The typical night involves nursing her down around ten o'clock and getting up until she wakes up sometime around 12:30, interupting my welcome-home-from-work-let's-catch-up conversation with Shrike.

(Note to self: Move conversation farther away from Peeper's damn bedroom.)

I then take her to the potty, and back to bed, where it usually takes fifteen to thirty minutes to get her back asleep and sneak out.

Then she's good until anywhere from 3:30 to 6:30 (last night was a 6:30 night - woo hoo!) at which point, we pee-pee again and back to bed again, and I'm almost always there for the duration.

So, yesterday we did a bit of research and found out that Goodwill sells new mattresses at a very good price, so we bought a twin mattress and box springs, which I picked up today.

There was much deliberation about whether to buy a twin and use the sheets and comforter that we just bought a couple of months ago, or get the double out of Shrike's parents' basement and buy new bedding.

For now, it would have been nice to have the additional sleeping space of a double, but I figure that the time I'll be in bed with her and need that room is negligible (I hope) compared to the amount of time that she'll be playing in there and need the extra room in the floor.

For now, the new mattress is still exactly where you see it in the photo, but I'm hoping to get the crib/bed out of there (not sure how, or to where) and get it set up tomorrow.

Wish us luck with that, and with convincing Peeper to accept it. She already seems pretty bonded to "dis big guhl bed."


  1. Maybe once she knows that she'll still have her sheets (the zebra ones?) and that the new bed won't give you a sore back, she'll be okay. Of course, there's always bribery as a last resort; a new bed-buddy cuddly toy to share the new bed with, perhaps?

  2. I had already gone over all that with her, and had considered the possibility of getting a panda "pillow pet" (pillow pal? whatever) but once she saw the bigger mattress and we started moving things around, she was on board.

    Actually, I think she was on board this morning, about the point at which she said "Ow! I bonked my head (on the window sill), again!"


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