Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bigger Girl Bed

Before Shrike even woke up this morning, I was disassembling the not-so-big girl bed, and getting ready to rearrange furniture.

A little perspective: That's the mattress that we've been sleeping on, on top of the new twin bed. You see what I'm talking about? I wish I had thought to get a photo and me and Peeper in the youth bed, to show just how close the quarters were.

And the new bed, (almost) all put together! (I later added a black fitted sheet to the box spring, which really classes it up a lot. Someday, we'll put a frame under it all. But not this day.

You'll notice that the glider is next to the bed again. For now, I'll be stuffing Mr. Panda in between them to act as a bed rail.

I even got crazy and fixed up these shelves. I removed all the stuffed pandas, vacuumed them and declared them toys. I then took everything off, vacuumed / dusted / wiped it all down, and put it all back together.

Here's a crappy photo of the dresser in its new location (the bed is now where it used to be). I also went through all the baskets on top of it, threw out a ton of stuff and relocated almost all of the rest. All that's left are the "hair basket" full of hairbands and the back-up hair basket, full of headbands, barrettes and other things that she doesn't actually wear, but might some day.

The alarm clock is new to the room, as of yesterday. Many moons ago, I bought a third clock for our bedroom, to live on Shrike's dresser, which is opposite the bed, because when I am was nursing Peeper in bed, I couldn't see through Shrike to her clock and I couldn't roll over to see mine.

I figured that's a moot point now, but I do need to know what time it is when I'm in bed with Peeper in her room. Of course, as of today, it's behind me when I'm in bed nursing her, so maybe I'll just stick to taking my phone in with me. The better to Facebook in the middle of the night with, anyway.

Another shot of the bed, with some of the panda art that had to be relocated when the dresser moved. I'm thinking about moving a few more.

Moving the bed and dresser means that the bookshelf had to go right back where it started. With a few additional pandas.

All that stuff on top of the changing table is waiting to go downstairs and into storage. As are the diapers, as soon as I super wash them one last time. The middle shelf is now stuffed toy storage, as well. I've thought about selling the changing table, but I don't know what we'd do with all those toys.

Oh, and of course, just in time for the less-uncomfortable-for-Mama bed, last night Peeper went down around ten, woke some time before one (I had her settled and I was out within about fifteen minutes) and I didn't hear from her again until eight o'clock this morning!


  1. Much better on the bed! I take it she is accepting it?

    Could you take the pad and changy stuff off the changing table and just use it as a set of shelves?

    Oh, and you do realize your bookshelf looks like a panda store, don't you? ;)

  2. I see the issue with the bed. You'll be much more comfortable now. Going along with the panda theme (that's a lot of pandas!) I think some panda sheets would look really cool.

  3. That's the plan with the changing table. The pad is going downstairs with the baskets and diapers, as soon as I wash them one more time.

    I'm not sure what we'll keep on the top shelf, but I suspect it will be the same miscellaneous crap that's been finding it way there for the past, oh, eighteen months or so, since we stopped changing Peeper's diapers up there.

    I would LOVE to have some panda sheets for her. If I'd done some looking around, I probably could have found some, but we just took her to Target to pick something one from what they had there.

    Now that she's so in love with the zebra sheets, she might freak out if we got anything else, though.

    We probably do need more than one flat sheet for a not-really-potty-trained girlie, so maybe I'll look for some pandas. On the other hand, I noticed that the zebras are on sale right now, so maybe I ought to get another set of those.

    And, yes, it does rather look like a panda store - except I'm sure they wouldn't have nearly as many crammed into that small space!


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