Sunday, September 11, 2011

Snow Kidding

It seems that Peeper's snowsuit (which barely fits) and snowboots (which don't fit at all) from last winter have become her favorite dress-up outfit these days.

In other news, Peeper reports that she feels "all better" (although, obviously, she actually only feels "somewhat better"), and I have to admit to having some ambivalence about that.

Of course, I want my baby to be not-sick and feel not-yucky, and also it bodes well for where Shrike and I will be in a couple of days, but in the meantime, sicky moms and perky toddler aren't necessarily such a great mix.

And, boy, are we sicky. It's just really pathetic around here. Especially now that Shrike's got a couple (or more, depending on how she feels) of days off work, we've completely given up on any semblance of order or routine. I'm not sure what day it is, and the only reason to look at the clock is to know when the next dose of medication is due. We're sleeping any time we can, and awake at ridiculous times.

For example, today we each had a short nap while the other watched Peeper and then we all napped from something like 5 - 9 pm. It's now actually almost 5 am on Monday, and I've just moved a sleeping Peeper into bed and will join her soon.

Shrike is on the couch, and although she seemed to be asleep when I checked after tucking Peeper in, I've been hearing her hack and cough since then. She sounds awful, and is obviously not sleeping.

I don't remember the last time we all slept in the bed together. We've had some nights with Shrike on the couch and me and Peeper in bed, and other nights with her in bed and us on the couch. (During one of which, poor Peeper slid off and - I think - bonked her head on the coffee table! I scooped her back up and gave her some goody and she went right back to sleep, and didn't remember it in the morning.)

We're not intentionally sleeping apart (although, having just heard her coughing, maybe that's not a bad idea) but rather sleeping where we fall - and where we can best breathe at the moment.

For something as "minor" as a cold or bronchitis or whatever you want to call this, it really is kicking our asses.


  1. I don't know what all meds y'all are taking, but Shrike might try Delsym for cough. You can't take it; it's pure dextromethorphan It is a great cough suppressant for those who can take it though. It's over the counter, but we discovered it when #1's doc recommended it for him when he had pneumonia years ago. It works better than any other brand we have tried.


  2. Thanks, I'll tell her about it. She really could use some sort of suppressant for night time, at least.

  3. Yeah, we won't tell Anonydaddy about it, because he's all expectorant, expectorant, expectorant, but a good suppressant is worth it's weight in gold to sleep or when she goes back to work. (So I hear.)

    Looking at their website, they have several varieties, but the plain epectorant is the only one we're ever used. We (#1 that is, since he's the only one who can take it around here) use Sudafed or Dimetapp for other stuff.

    And we do Mucinex for expectorant. We generally use combinations of the single symptom drugs, both so we are only medicating what we need to, but also because some of us can take this kind, some can only take that kind, etc.


  4. Hoing you all feel better soon!

    You know where this illness came from, don't you? Chuck E Cheeze is a breeding ground for germs...stay away !

  5. LK - Shrike and I had that exact conversation, when I told her that Anonydaddy doesn't like suppressants. "But I have to sleeeep!" and I said "Well, then I guess a suppressant at bedtime makes sense."

    Anon - I've no doubt it is, but Peeper had actually been congested and feelin ga little hinky for two days before the party. (I was even worried about whether she'd be up to going.) So, I guess this time, we were the ones restocking the germ breeding ground!


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