Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tomato Tasting

This afternoon, Peeper and I went to the annual tomato tasting at the county ag extension.

I taste-tested twenty-four varieties of tomatoes and four salsas. (None of which were more than the tiniest bit spicy, oddly enough. The black bean / corn / tomato was delicious, though.)

The local creek runs by the extension's building, and there's a trout hatchery there. So, Peeper saw (and fed) lots of fishies in the water, and lots and lots of ducks who also live there.

Later, we saw this cool grasshopper. He let Peeper get very close, and never hopped away. I thought he might be dead, until she almost stepped on him and he sort of twitched. But still didn't hop. Weird. At one point, a fuzzy caterpillar crawled right past him, too.

When we got home, she told Mommy that we'd been to a zoo!

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