Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Bed Girl

For three nights in a row, Peeper has nursed to sleep on the couch while watching The Wizard of Oz, then moved to her Big Girl Bed, and then eventually, back to the Big Bed by morning.

Tonight, the first time I suggested that we have night-night goody, around 8:30, and asked where she wanted it, she didn't hesitate a bit before saying "My big girl bed!" On the way there, she told me "Mama bought me cubbies!" (covers) and then showed me her panda night light, and hopped right up into bed.

She nursed for about two seconds, then sat up to play.

Needless to say, that was not actually bedtime.

Around 10, after playing for a while, eating dinner leftovers and brushing her teeth again ("I can brush?" "Yes baby, you can brush again." Runs into the bathroom, asking for toothpaste), she said that she wanted her goody in the big bed tonight.

Which is fine, we're doing this at her pace, and I'm amazed that she's been in her new bed as much as she has already.

And, hey, maybe I'll get to sleep through the night tonight!

Oh, that bear? He was playing the role of Mommy during today's matinee performance of Peeper Wakes Up and Goes to the Big Bed All by Herself.


  1. She's growing up so fast! So what, about 5 weeks 'til you bring her to see me again?


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