Sunday, August 14, 2011

Peach Festival

When Shrike was off work last Saturday, we had big plans to go to a summer festival, but got rained out. Then we pinned our hopes on this week's Peach Festival, which was happening both Saturday and Sunday (Yay! Nothing cool like that ever happens on Sunday when Shrike is off!) but the forecast was not looking promising, nor were the skies this morning.

But, we decided to go for it, and were so glad that we did, because it cleared up and we had a great time, and didn't see a drop of rain until we were literally about two minutes from home!

This is the same event where Peeper rode her first pony last year, and of course, she did that again. It was amazing seeing the difference in how she handled everything a year older. Last year, she could barely reach the saddle horn, let alone hang onto it, and today Shrike barely had to hold onto her!

She also petted and fed a variety of farm critters.

She got in the bouncy house, and actually bounced, but the photos weren't very impressive. Then she rode the barrel train with Mommy. I think maybe next summer she'll be allowed to ride alone, but I still don't trust her yet.

On the way home, we stopped at Uno's for dinner, and they have a cool deal where kids can put together their own cheese or pepperoni pizza, for just $3.99. I wish there were one in our town, because that would be a great MOMS Club "Lunch Bunch" activity.

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