Saturday, August 14, 2010

Daily Peep: She's a Peach!

This afternoon, we went to a Peach Festival in a nearby town.

It wasn't all that different from the other festivals we've done lately. In fact, I recognized some of the same vendors and entertainers

Once again, there was a barrel train.

And a petting zoo.

There was also a bouncy house, and again, she sat just inside the door, having a great time, but we didn't get any photos of that.

She's got a bit of a runny nose, and I think she wasn't feeling so great, because it's be ages since she's asked to nurse while we're out and about and doing fun things.

Granted, this photo was taken while she was bored and a little whiney about waiting in line, but she was also on and off (and on and off and on and off. . . ) while we were just walking around looking at vendors, right before we came home.

And I don't know that anyone figured out what we were doing. In fact, one vendor said something along the lines of, "That's one heavy head!" (She obviously thought she was asleep.)

Just then, Peeper sat up, took a drink from her sippy cup (what's that about?) and latched back on.

Oh yeah, and there was this, too. His name is Patches. She had a ball, and cried when it was over.

Crap. We should probably be introducing her to things that make less expensive hobbies.

Notice, at the very end, where she lets go and claps. There was a lot of that.

When we got ready to go home, she got upset again when I tried to put her in the car. I don't know if she really did want to nurse more (she was signing for it) or she just didn't want to leave, or she was weirded out by being in Shrike's car, (mine was at the car doctor, getting new tires) or what, but at one point, she burst into tears, looked at me and signed "Sad."



  1. So now Peeper wants a pony for her birthday?

    Signing sad - Awwwwwwwwww.

  2. I think I see horseback riding in her future! We took our kids to a pony riding place once and my son (a bit older than Peeper at the time) fell asleep as the pony was walking around, and he slid off and landed gently on the ground in a pile of hay. We'd already had a long day at another park and he was pretty tuckered out, so I guess the ride just relaxed him to sleep. Hope Peeper's okay. What is her sign for "sad"?

  3. Yeah, the guy leading Patches around told me, as we finished up, "Wow, she's getting an early start. She's doing really well for a kid this young," and I thought, "Oh dear. This is going to be expensive."

    Anon - That's too funny (thank goodness for the pile of hay!) At least I knew Peeper wasn't going anywhere as tight as I was holding on to her!

    (She was nowhere near being able to stay up there on her own. She barely could reach the saddle horn, let alone hang onto it, and her little legs weren't going far enough around old Patches to be much help, either.)

    She might, technically, have been signing "cry" as in "Hey lady, can't you see I'm crying here!" because we use the sign for "cry" (tracing the track of a tear down the side of the face) to mean either, usually in the context of "Oh, that baby's saaaaad. She's crying. Pooooor baby."

    But "sad" is more pathetic, so I went with that.


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