Sunday, July 17, 2011

"It's OK If Peeper Shares Mommy's Sketti"

This afternoon, while Shrike was napping, Peeper asked for "wavohwees" (raviolis) with onions, peppers, sausage and alfredo sauce, so I whipped some up.

(Okay, most of that order was in response to "do you want . . . ?" questions, and it's more of an alfredo-ish sauce, I suppose. Butter, parmesan and milk. That's kind of like alfredo, right?)

I had a bowl and she ate a few bites. In the meantime, I boiled a pot of spaghetti, so that Shrike would have something to eat, too, as she's not a fan of the wavohwees.

We had that again for dinner - I served up wavohwees for me and Peeper, and Shrike had a plate of spaghetti with "sprinkle cheese." (She doesn't like spaghetti sauce.)

As soon as Peeper got to the table, she reached over, picked up Shrike's fork, and started taking huge gobs of "sketti" off Shrike's plate.

(Shrike had to go get another fork.)

Then she started grabbing it with her hands, while telling us that "It's ok if Peeper share's Mommy's sketti."

(She's very big on telling us that "It's ok if Peeper . . . ." Often it is just fine, but occassionally, we have to say, "No, actually, it's not okay if Peeper . . . ."

Then she kind of gave up on the fork and started shoving huge handsful of pasta into her mouth. Unfortunately, the camera battery pooped out before we got a photo of that, but at one point, she reminded me of Davy Jones, from the Pirates of the Carribbean movies.


  1. Maybe she needs to work on asking IS IT okay, rather than saying IT IS okay. ;)


  2. lol, yeah, it's hard to tell if there's a ? on the end or not. Sometimes I think there is. Other times, definitely not.

    Altho, this time, I did say "Ask Mommy if you can have some." and she turned to her and said "May Peeper share some uh Mommy's sketti?"

    A "please" would have been awesome, but I was so proud of "may" that I let it go!


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