Thursday, July 14, 2011

And, Yet, Still Grateful

When I emailed NurseE about the progesterone last night, "just in case," I also included a more personal message.

Me being me, though, I wanted to share it, and her response, with, well, everyone.

To: NurseE
From: Whozat
Subject: Beta / Progesterone

(Some stuff about meds, pharmacy's phone number etc.)
And, on the assumption that we won't be getting any big ol' surprises, I want to go ahead and thank you, Dr E, MoneyLady, the study team and everyone else for all that you've done for us. (Please share this with them.)

For giving us Peeper, of course, and for giving us this opportunity to try to get her a sibling. We knew it was a longshot starting out, but we wouldn't have even been able to try if we'd not gotten into the study, and then to have a 2nd chance with the FET was even more beyond what we'd hoped for.

Of course, it would've been nice if it had all resulted in a baby, but I think that we're in a much better place with the idea of not having one now that we were actually able to try.

When we thought it would be about money, or about how complicated it is for us in the first place, or whatever, we were angry about the unfairness of it all but now, thanks to all of you, we've had more than our fair shot, and while we're definitely disappointed and sad, at least it's not because of any outside circumstances, it just is what it is, and maybe it's just the way it was meant to be.

So, we'll get through the beta and the call-back tomorrow (Don't be offended if I send you to voicemail. I will just have to see how I'm feeling at the moment. I already know what you're going to be calling to say.) and then we'll spend a little time being sad, and then we'll get back  to spoiling Peeper.


To: Whozat
From: Nurse E
Subject: Re: Beta/Progesterone
: (

I'm sorry. I passed along your e-mail to them as requested. It's easy to say thank you when you get pregnant and everything was smooth sailing. Sometimes the best thank you's come for the patients that don't get pregnant. Because if they can leave us feeling at peace and happy with the experience they had here then that is the best compliment of all.

I'll call you as soon as I get the results.


  1. Yeah, all teary eyed now.


  2. {{{Shrike, Whozat & Peeper}}}

    Lots of hugs for you all. I'm sorry x

  3. My heart is aching for you all..... much love from my heart to all of yours. xoxoxo


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