Thursday, May 5, 2011

Peeper Peeps at Peeper

She's watching a YouTube video of a baby chick hatching.

There's a Sesame Street clip that she's been watching a lot lately, about Grover and some baby birds hatching, so that's got her interested in them.

After her bath this evening, we were looking at a Birds and Blooms magazine and she saw a photo of a nest full of , and asked me "Where baby birds?" and then "Baby birds called . . . ?"

(She's asked me this a few days ago, but had evidently forgotten the answer.)

I said "They're called chicks." (Is that right? Is it the default name?) so she changed her question to "Where chicks?"

After talking about them for a while, and pretending to be a hatching chick, and her pretending to "Take egg off of page" I offered to show her a video of a bird hatch.

I tell ya, she plopped herself right down on that diaper and had those jammies on in no time!

I've got to remember that strategy. . . .


  1. Upon googling the question, the internet seems to say a number of things, including fledglings, nestlings, chicks, or hatchlings. Apparently there are differences depending on the species and age. So, generically, I would would go with chicks too.

  2. I think I also came up with "nestling."

    I'm pretty sure they are hatchlings, then nestlings, then fledglings. All of which are different ages/stages of chickhood.

    The first two seem self-explanatory (just hatched, hanging out in the nest) and I know that they are fledglings when they are starting to learn to fly and leave the nest.

    So, yeah. Chicks it is.


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