Thursday, May 5, 2011


Shrike and I drove down to the fertility clinic this morning for her pregnancy test which was, as expected, negative.

We've got an appointment for a phone consultation with Dr. E next Friday, to discuss the frozen transfer.

She actually called us this afternoon, but have to leave a voicemail because Peeper and I were out and about. She said that if we want to "roll right into" the FET, Shrike needs to get back on the pill (again!) and we'll discuss the next steps when we talk on Friday.

So, I left some messages to try to get her a prescription called in, so she can start them tomorrow, and we'll go from there.

More information as we have it.


  1. {{{Whozat and Shrike}}} I'm sorry. So glad that you have the opportunity for another bash though ;) Fingers crossed x

  2. So very sorry. But its not over yet :)
    Donna, ny

  3. :-( it. will. happen. {{{hugs}}}

  4. I'm sorry, Shrike, to hear that it didn't work out this time. Sending lots of sticky baby mojo for the next try.


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