Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mama's Night Out

After I had a fairly crappy start to my birthday on Wednesday, Shrike fell into an opportunity to get off work yesterday, and she jumped on it.

She emailed me from work that afternoon and told me that "one way or t'other" I was going to the MOMS Club Moms Night Out on Friday. If her parents could watch Peeper, we'd both go and if not - or if I wanted to stay out later - she'd stay home with her.

I managed to get them both a nice long nap yesterday evening, which went right up until I was walking out the door, so I knew Peeper should be good for quite a while.

It sounds like they had a good time, Shrike actually cooked some eggs (on the stove and everything), Peeper was bathed and jammied when I got in, and I'm told that she only "got sad" a couple of times.

I, on the other hand, had a wonderful time. The evening was nothing fancy, just about ten of us hanging out at one girls house, and mostly in her yard around a campfire, talking, drinking wine*, roasting s'mores and being not-Mama for a few hours.

It was the best birthday gift Shrike could have gotten me. I do wish that she'd been able to go, too, but if Peeper had been with her parents, we probably would have had to leave before things even got good, so it is what it is.

I've told her that I owe her one, and the next time she's off work for MNO, I'll stay home with the kid and let her go.

*Don't worry, Anonymama. We were there for several hours, and stopped drinking well before time to leave. And of course, everyone had gotten the "Call me if you need a ride home," speech from her spouse on the way out the door.

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