Monday, April 4, 2011


Peeper and I got home safe and sound, despite a one-hour delay getting our plane off the ground.

I'd invited another babywearing (and, as it turned out, breastfeeding) mom with a two-month old to switch seats and sit on a "baby friendly row" with us, and we blabbed the whole trip, during a big chunk of which both kids were sleeping. I kind of wish I'd asked if she was on Facebook, or at least gotten her name.

The conversation really made the flight just, um, fly by, and before we knew it, we were back with Mommy!

After a stop for pizza, we finally got home around 10:00 and, miracle of miracles, Peeper (who had dozed off about thirty minutes from home) went right back to sleep when we came in the house. And now Shrike has joined her.

I love my family of origin and my hometown friends and I really enjoy visiting them. I love Peeper, and she is an amazing traveling companion. I love Shrike and I missed her like crazy. That said, I cannot express how nice it feels to have Shrike and Peeper sleeping peacefully in the other room, while I spend some time all. By. Myself. For the first time in a week.

I probably should've gotten some "glad to be back home" photos of the two of them, but instead, here are a couple of her hugging her cousins goodbye this morning.

More photos coming soon!

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