Monday, April 18, 2011

And a Mojo Report from Our Friends

While we're talking mojo, here's a quick update on some mojo requests that I made a few weeks ago.

Our firefighter friend has had a rough time, as you can imagine, but he's doing well, all things considered, and is probably going to be coming home this week.

Of course, he and his family still have quite a road ahead of them, with a lot of healing and then rehabilitation to be done.

Our MOMS Club is planning a couple of fundraisers for them - one this Tuesday at the local Red Robin, and a spaghetti dinner in May. If you're local and would like to attend either one, please contact me directly for more information.

DoulaK's husband seems to be recovering quite well from his heart surgery (which turned out to be a robotic repair of the valve - the least invasive of the options). When I talked to her last weekend, she said he'd been driving pretty much since he got home, he felt better than before surgery, and was probably going back to work last week.
BabyK's surgery is scheduled for this coming Friday, so please continue to keep them in your thoughts, and send him some smooth-surgery and quick-healing mojo, as well as a nice dose of calm and confident for his Mommy, Daddy and the rest of the family.


  1. From Anonymama: Another answer to prayer or mojo, etc., Anonydaddy had arteriograms last Friday and got a good report. No blockages. Wonderful.

  2. YAY!!! Seems like all good news lately


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