Saturday, March 19, 2011

Several Mojo Requests, In Sort Of Chronological Order

The firefighter husband of one our our MOMS Club friends was seriously burned while battling a house fire this morning. He's been flown to a hospital a couple of hours away and is expect to be there for at least a month.

His injuries are actually not quite as bad as it was originally feared, but he still has burns over a large portion of his body and will require surgeries for skin grafts on his hands, abdomen and possibly his legs.

His wife will be doing a lot of travelling back and forth, to be with him in the hospital and with their two kids at home.

Two other firefighters were also injured. One was treated and released, but the other was also flown out to a bigger hospital. (I assume the same one.) I haven't heard anything about his condition.

DoulaK's husband will be having heart surgery on Friday, to repair or possibly replace a bad valve. The surgery will be at an out-of-state hospital. She and BabyK will be going with him, and her sister will be coming to stay with the older kids.

Then, at the end of April (just before his first birthday), BabyK will be having surgery to remove one of his kidneys, which has been having problems since before he was born. This surgery will be done at the same Children's Hospital (a few hours away) where Peeper had her metabolic testing.

Please send your thoughts, prayers, positive energy, and both quick-healing and safe-travelling mojo to everyone.

And here's a good-news mojo report from the blogosphere. The Journey to Om twins are doing well and are now at home with their moms and big brother!


  1. That is a lot for Doula K to be going through. I hope all goes well with her husband and baby. About Peeper's outfit, well, it kind of left me speechless--with hysterics. Please keep this blog going so we can see what she wears when she's sixteen.

  2. love and light surrounding them all...

  3. Anon - It is quite a lot for her family to have going on at once. A few months ago they thought the baby was in the clear surgery-wise, and then just found out a couple of weeks ago - after Daddy's surgery was scheduled - that he needs it after all.

    S - Thanks, and you and yours, as well.


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