Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The (Microscopic) Kids Are Alright

Got our call from the clinic, and all twelve embryos seem to be doing well.

Ten are at the four cell stage, and two are at five cells. (Four is what they expected to see this morning, so those two are dividing a little faster!)

All the cells are evenly sized, with no fragmentation. (Thats all good!)

We are scheduled to arrive at the clinic at 1:45 pm tomorrow for Shrike to have some bloodwork, and then we go upstairs to do the embryo transfer at 2:30 pm.

They will transfer the two best looking embryos (based on number of cells - should be eight by then - fragmentation, cell sizes, etc.) and will continue to culture the rest for a few more days, in hopes of having some to freeze, in case these two don't take.

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  1. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!
    Good luck :)Donna, ny


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