Monday, March 28, 2011

Visiting Hours . . . and hours . . . and hours

(Note - Peeper and I are visiting my family in Texas. I'm having some issues with uploading images here, so I may have to go back and add them when I get home. As if that was working at before I left.)

I hadn't mentioned it before, but Anonymama's been in the hospital since Thursday, because she had cellulitis in her leg and needed a few days of IV antiobiotics. Of course, there was much speculation the whole time as to whether she'd be home by the time Peeper and I hit town.

As of this morning, the word was that she should be home by evening, so that was good news as we headed to the airport.

As usual, Peeper was a great little traveler and we made it to Texas without a hitch, other than the lack of a nap en route.

Bye-bye, Mommy!

I loooove the Direct TV on the plane. "Mouses drink watuh. Here go, Mouse. Here go."

Auntie Kay picked us up at the airport for the two-hour trip to Hometown. Peeper fell asleep before we got to our usual stop-for-food spot, so we hit a drive-thru instead and she woke up about twenty minute later, while we were sitting in the parking lot eating.

After a few phone calls, it sounded like we could expect Anonymama to be release any minute, so LadyKay dropped us off at the hospital, where we moved our stuff from her van to Anonymamas and she picked up her son, #1, who was going to take Anonymama home, and Peeper and I went up to visit and wait until she was ready to go.

And wait. And wait. And wait.

We got there about 5:30, and a little after NINE the doctor finally showed up and said she could go, as soon as she got her paperwork.

But, before the paperwork arrived, a nurse came in with one more IV bag of antibiotics and said "You can go as soon as you have this. It should take thirty to forty minutes to run.

I have to say that Peeper handled it all amazingly well, especially considering that she'd been traveling for about ten hours when we arrived, and then was forced to hang out in a tiny room with no toys and lots of "don't touch thats!"

At that point though, she needed a break, so we took a little walk around the hospital and found some vending machines near the out patient registration area. Of course, it was deserted in the middle of the night, so we ate some not-very-good cookies and she ran around in circles until Anonymama called to say that she was ready to go.

We helped her get dressed and packed up and then we were on our way. As we pulled out of the parking lot, I checked the clock - it was 10:30!

But, now we're "home" and getting settled in and looking forward to doing not a whole lot tomorrow, other than making a run to the grocery store.

But first, some sleep sounds good!

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