Monday, March 7, 2011


We signed our IVF study consent forms this morning, and without telling too much of Shrike's personal private stuff, let's just say that before we left their office, we were able to schedule her day 3 prescreening appointment for Wednesday.

Then, when we got home, we had an email from the contact person saying that it seems her most recent Pap "expired" (turned a year old) last week. Of course it did.

And of course, for some reason, it has to be done at our regular ob/gyn's office; they can't just do it there on Wednesday.

So, I somehow managed to get her scheduled for one at 10 am tomorrow. Oh, wait, no, that won't work, will it.

We just called and they are saying the "first available" appointment is April 12, which just won't do at all. I'm going to call MidwifeK and see if she can get it arranged.

Anyway, we'll get the Pap done sometime and on Wednesday, we'll do all the other screening, which includes taking about a gallon of blood and some pee and who knows what else.

I was thinking we'd get a call that evening with the results, but they told us today that it could take as long as ten days to get all the blood work back.

Shrike asked if they could put me in cryopreservation until then.


  1. Update - The deal is that they don't do Paps at the office that we'll be going to on Wednesday.

    Talked to MidwifeK and she said they have someone who usually has appointments available; I'll call tomorrow and ask specifically for her.

    She also said that they could do it tomorrow, that's not a problem, except that I gave the appointment away.

    And, we're leading a MOMS Club event at that exact time, and Shrike would just as soon wait until next week.

    So, that's the plan.

    If they absolutely can't fit her in, she can go to the other fertility clinic location and Dr E can do it.


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