Tuesday, February 1, 2011


She loves to paint.

Not so much on the paper, though.


  1. Peeper is going to be one of those people who look good in hats. My daughter does; I don't. We can both try on the same hat in the store, and on her it's stunning; on me, it just looks like a lump of something on my head. Nice finger painting (and body painting!) I am totally confident she didn't get any paint on the arm of that couch.

  2. I agree about the hats. I'm a not-good-in-hats person, too. You have seen the photos. You know what I mean.

    All the painting happens at her desk, which is in the sunroom, where we stuck all the crappy old furniture. So, we're not *too* worried about it, but do try to keep it off the carpet.

    We're not very successful at that.


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