Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cats and Dogs

dailThis evening, Peeper gathered and lined up all a few of her cat and dog books. I'm not sure she even read them, but they were all present and accounted for.

When BoyCat walked by, she told him, "BoyCat, yook." (Actually, I'm not sure whether she told him to look or not, but she quite often "shows" things to the animals. Or to inanimate objects. So, let's say she did.)

Then she pointed to each book, and told him "Ki-cat right dere. Ki-cat right dere. Ki-cat right dere." as if to say, "You know, BoyCat, I was just reading a fascinating book about your people . . . ."

Also, notice how BigGaloot is checking out the dog books, at the same time that BoyCat is looking at the cat books.

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