Friday, January 21, 2011

Playing With Puffballs

This evening, Peeper pulled out one of her craft-supply boxes and wanted to play with it. It was the one containing puffballs and pipe cleaners, and when I noticed that they come in the same assortment or colors, I thought they'd make a great sorting game.

(She really was doing better with it than this photo would lead you to believe. Check out the beginning of the video.)

That lasted about thirty seconds, until she started making up her own game, which was not the "put a shiny, red puffball in each egg-hole" game that I'd suggested, but rather, stuff all the blue puffballs through the actually-open holes in the egg thingy.

Okay, fair enough.

And then she thought that this would be more fun than any of those games.


  1. Wow, she has got that color sorting thing down!

  2. She IS good at that. It's a good omen for future success in math and reading! And she's got a really good attention span too. There's kids in my grade three class that can't pay attention for that long.

  3. She's all over her colors. She was doing a better job with it today, when I ONLY put those items on the floor, and put the rest of the box up high, out of sight/reach.

    I was as/more impressed with her inventing the game of putting the blues (and blue only) in the other holes.


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