Thursday, January 20, 2011


This evening, when Peeper and I walked out the door to go to Drinking Liberally, I found our mail, including a mysterious puffy envelope with my sister's return address, on the bench beside the front door.

Intrigued, I put Peeper down and opened it, right then and there, and found . . . HATS!

Two big ones and three little ones.

The pink one is Peeper's favorite. All the way to dinner, she kept saying "Pink hat! AuntieKay! Pink hat! AuntieKay!"

I think she kinda likes it.

And a couple, sans hat, from dinner. She pulled my camera out, so I put it on the slide show and let her play with it for a while. She was playing on the floor while I was talking and I have some vague memory of one of our dining companions maybe taking some photos of her. I guess that's what happened, because here are some photos of her.

There were also a couple of me, taken from a very low vantage point, so I'm assuming that Peeper took those herself, but I am not even posting them. Shudder.


  1. :) If they are a little small, they should stretch out a bit with some effort. Hope you enjoy them!

  2. The pink one is a little snug on her, but not too bad. We have to pull it back down every now and then, but she loves it, so it must feel fine.

    The blue one fits great on me. Snug and cozy, and the greenish one seems to be about the same on Shrike.

    The green one with the flower was tight when I tried to put it on her the first time, but since I put the pink one on her, she's not let me try it again - or the blue one. She reeeeaaallly likes the pink one!

    If you were to get in a hat-making mood again, she does have a lot of purple clothes . . . just sayin'


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