Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Bits and Pieces of from Peeper

(Yeah, "bits and pieces of Peeper" just didn't sound too good.)

Lately, I've taken to texting myself little reminders about cute / funny / smart things that Peeper says and does, so I can remember to tell Shrike and / or the world about them.

Here are a few from the past couple of days, plus a few things that I remembered since my last "Bits and Pieces" post.

A couple of times now, we've been playing in the living room when Peeper's stopped and told me "Mipe back. Mipe back."

Then, she leaves the room for a while and comes "mipe back" with a toy from another room.

A few nights ago, we were at Target for a few things, and also had a grocery list from Shrike (the same list with the blue toothpaste on it). There were a couple of things on the list that I couldn't get there, so I decided to get all the grocery items at the grocery store, instead.

While at Target, I decided to add a couple of items to my list, but didn't have a pen, so I told Peeper to "Help me remember that I want to get cheese sticks and raisins at the grocery store."

As we were driving over there, I said, "Okay, I know I wanted cheese sticks, but what was that other thing I told you to remember?"

(Of course, I assumed this was a rhetorical question.)

From the back seat, a little voice said, "Naisins!"

At the store, we bought some bulk raw almonds for Shrike, which I scooped out of the bin into a plastic bag.

(I'm still not convinced that it's okay to eat them raw. If it were, why would all the nuts in jars be roasted? Shrike says I'm an idiot.)

Further down that aisle, Peeper "requested" goldfish crackers and I bought a small package.

After we finished our shopping, I was reviewing the list, and asking Peeper if we'd gotten everything. (I was trying to teach her to say "Check!" as I called out each item. Just 'cause.)

When I got to "nuts?" she said "Bag!" and after I went through the list, I said, "And what did you talk me into?" "Goldfish!"


On the baby aisle at Target, there's a doll that comes with a highchair, a couple of jars of applesauce and a spoon strapped to her hand. Peeper likes to put one of the little bitty dolls in the highchair, because someone had left one like that once, and she saw it and evidently it seemed "right" to her.

The other day, she was making the bigger doll feed the little doll, and saying, with every bite, "Sank you, baby! Sank you, baby!"

Last night, she had two of her pumpkin water bottles (we bought one at a pumpkin farm and a friend gave us two more!) and an orange fish. She was saying "Three pumpkins," so I pointed out that she had "Two pumpkins and a fish, but they are all alike. How are they alike? (crickets) Are they the same . . . color?"

She seemed to be ignoring me, but she put them all down, picked up her bouncing Tigger, put him beside them and said, "Orange!"

Today, as she was pulling out single. toy. in the living room, I was suggesting that we implement a more systematic storage arrangement.

"We could have a special place for all your blocks, and one for all your cars and trucks and trains and busses, and one for all your . . . "


Not only was I kind of impressed that she was helping me to classify her toys, but yes, we're halfway through January, and she still has enough Santas in regular use that they warrant their own category.

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  1. Apparently there are no rhetorical questions anymore.


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