Sunday, January 16, 2011

Around Town

Shrike's off work today, so we ran some errands this afternoon, followed by dinner and a trip to Target. We were looking for some affordable cheap storage solutions, and after checking Big Lots and Ollie's (a close-out store similar to Big Lots) wouldn't you know we found what we wanted at Target!

Of course, there was ice cream with dinner.

And Peeper got to drive for a while at Target.

I'd taken her out of the cart to sit down for a while and nurse. (She'd not had a nap, it was about 6 pm and she was asking, with much whining. We perched on a display rack - looking forward to having the patio furniture back! - and goodied for about five minutes and it fixed her right up.)

Then we let her walk around to the next aisle to test out the drawer cart we were considering (and bought) to be her "pantry" and then she decided to take over the cart.

She also counted and petted all the cat food and cat litter, before I got her back in the cart.

It all seemed pretty harmless, until we were turning in our cupholders at Starbucks (Does your Target have cupholders for the cart? Coolest invention ever!) after checking out, and we noticed Peeper looking at her hand.

Looking at the blood on her hand.
It turned out to be just a scratch, well two or three scratches, actually, but one went all the way across her hand and pretty much scared the shit out of us before we were able to really examine it.

I felt all over the botton bar of the cart, as well as all the parts she might of touched while riding in it, and never did find anything sharp. We're guessing it was probably on the shelving somewhere.

Sounds like a good reason to keep her little ass in the cart.

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  1. Hand boo boo: Ouch!

    Cupholders: Wow!

    Seating: Try the shoe section.


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