Thursday, December 9, 2010

Target Toys

When Peeper and I go to Target, we have a pretty predictable set of places that we have to go and "friends" that we have to visit.

Our first stop, of course, is Starbucks, where Mama gets a coffee and Peeper gets and ice whater and visits her fan club. (Our two "regular" baristas - who come out from behind the counter to talk to her, get "high fives" and so on, if they're not busy.)

Then we hit the dollar aisle, and on our past few trips, our next stop has been the sunglasses, where Peeper "suggests" different pairs for us to try on.

Then, on our way out of that department, we past the Christmas accessories and have to stop and play with them for a while.

Then, we're off to the toy section to visit Big Foot and Buzz Lightyear and Go-Go the Walking Dog and Elmo and friends and the Baaaaybeeeess!

And the animals. They have these Schleich realistic plastic animals and they are not kidding about realistic.

The females all have udders or nipples and the males are hung like, well, like whatever they are.

I first noticed this a few months ago when Peeper pointed to the cow's udder and signed "milk." I got to wondering if all the cattle were cows, because you see that all the time in cartoons and such - a "male" character with a big ol' udder hanging down - so I started looking at them and found udder, udder, udder,  whoa! that is not an udder!

So then, you know I had to check out all the other animals, and they're just as realistic. I think it's totally cool, so you know I pointed it out to Peeper.

So, when we get to them, she says "Goody! Goody! Goody!" and I hand her a mama and a baby, and she makes them nurse.

I've noticed that it's getting harder and harder to find the mama animals, as I'm rummaging through the bins.

I wonder if other parents, who don't find it as cool as I do, are buying up all the female, so as to not buy the very obviously male ones?

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