Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa Claus!

This afternoon, Peeper and I delivered the boxes of gifts and food to Santa's helpers at the Salvation Army, and since their drop-off point was at the mall, we figured it was a good time to stop by and see the Big Man himself.

In conversations prior to our visit, Peeper kept going back and forth between "Wap!" and "Nooo!" when I asked if she was planning to talk to him and sit on his lap, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, and was just hoping to get a decent photo.

As we approached his area, she was saying "Humhummuh! Humhummuh! Humhummuh!" and when I put her down and got her coat off, she took off, put her hands up and was in his lap before I could even shove hats and gloves and such into my pockets!

I ordered three photos on a USB drive, but it took a bit of talking to get the shots that I ended up buying. The "photographer" clicked a few, while I was telling Peeper to "Smile!" but she really wasn't.

She said,  "Oh, these are good," and showed me four or five photos of Peeper just sitting there on his lap. They were okay, but I know my kid and I knew she could do better.

I asked her to please shoot a few more, and try to get one with a BIG smile.

At that point, Santa handed her a candy cane and . . .

. . . and I said, "Can you give Santa a big hug?" and . . .

. .  . and the elf operating the camera said, "Touch Santa's nose!" and . . .

. . . we're done!


  1. So, so, so cute!!! As I said last year, she knows what side her presents are buttered on. ;D

  2. Gawd, but do I sound like a total stage mother, or what?

    "Sparkle, Peeper! Sparkle!"


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